General Coordination Division

We plan and hold a general meeting every April. We also hold workshops and/or study tours for friendship among members for teaching and organizational improvement.

■ Public Relations Division

We conduct public relations activities so that members and citizens can promote international exchanges and deepen their mutual understanding. We issue our public relations magazines "KIA NEWS" and update our internet website and cell-phone website. With the help of many people, we have issued "KIA NEWS" twice a year ever since our establishment in November, 1993.

■ Cross-cultural Division

We plan and conduct international exchange programs for citizens, members, volunteer members and foreign residents. Our main activities are Christmas parties, welcome/farewell parties at JAPAN TENT, and community events with foreign residents.

■ International Understanding Division

We give the lecture "The Global Promenades" to deepen understanding of various cultural backgrounds and hold workshops which participants can view the world is various cultures up close. We also present "The Global Promenades" as "On-Demand-Delivery-Lectures" in schools and/or communities, which give them exposure to foreign cultures with the help of foreign students.

 Co-existence Division

We hold some workshops on foreign residents support programs such as disaster prevention, separating garbage, and traffic safety. We also organize "On-Demand-Delivery-Salon" in communities so that Japanese and foreigners can interact with each other and understand their respective cultures.

Japanese Class Division

We organize a Japanese language learning support program for foreign residents in and around Komatsu. We also hold some seminars where the Japanese language learners can experience Japanese culture such as calligraphy, Ikebana, Kimono.