Please refer to the following frequently asked questions.

1. What kind of activities does KIA promote?

A.: KIA supports the Komatsu's international community, and we provide various opportunities for international exchanges to and from Komatsu.?We try to encourage international friendship and global understanding.

2. How many members do you have?

A.: We currently have about 380 members.

3. How many foreign members do you have? Where are they from?

A.: We currently have nine foreign members. They are from China, Korea, and Brazil.

4. Is English ability required for membership?

A.: We welcome members with a wide range of language skills! You do not have to speak English for the international exchange activities or membership. Foreign members are not necessarily from English-speaking countries. In fact, we encourage people to practice their Japanese skills instead of speaking English.

5. I would like to do some volunteer work. What kind of work is available?

A.: There is volunteer work available in each division. Please visit our website “About KIA (Divisions)” for the details.

6. Could anybody volunteer at KIA as a Japanese instructor?

A. Whoever is interested in teaching Japanese and passionate about the work will be welcomed! There is a required "volunteer Japanese tutoring" training program sponsored by KIA, but we do not consider your foreign language skills or age. After completion of the program, you are supposed to become a KIA member before you begin your work as an instructor. (If you graduated from a vocational school for Japanese instructors, or you had some experience in this field, please ask us separately.)

7. Is there any requirement to become a member?

A. Anybody can become a member as long as you appreciate and believe in our mission to promote international understanding.

8. Could you tell me how to apply for the membership?

A. Please come and visit us at our office, and we will help you file an application. There is an annual fee for all members as listed below.

9. How much is the membership fee?

A. Individual Member\1,000.-

Corporate Member \10,000.-

Collective Member\5,000.-

10. Why become a member?

A. Members get discounts for our many events (Christmas party, lectures, holiday events, etc.). Also, by joining you become part of our mission to promote inter-cultural understanding!

11.Could you tell me how to pay the annual fee?

A. You can transfer to the following account, or pay cash at our office. Postal Account No.0070-0-15924 Account Name: Komatsu International Association

12. Could you tell me how to cancel the membership?

A. Please call us at (0761-21-2226) .

13. What are your office hours?

A. We are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we close one hour early at 5:00 pm on Sundays. We are closed on Saturday and holidays.