Japanese Language Classes


   By learning Japanese while living in Japan, your day-to-day lives will benefit from being able to pick up information more quickly and in a wider variety of situations and topics.

    You will also be able to make new friends through your studies, and have a place to discuss and consult about your troubles as well.

Would you like to learn Japanese together with us here at KIA?

◆Group Lesson

 Schedule:Every Sunday 9:40 AM - 11:40 AM
 Levels      : Total of 6 levels

                      from Beginner (Shokyu) to Advanced (Jokyu)
 Lesson Fee:\2,000/ month



◆Private Lessons

 Schedule:Please discuss with the teachers.
 Lesson Fee: \1,000/1 hour


 ※Other lesson courses available. Please ask the KIA office for more details.