Living Support. Help Desk.

Portuguese-speaking staff

 Ms. Gohara Tomoko

- From Mon - Fri, Sun

- 9:00am~2:00pm

Vietnamese-speaking staff

- Sun

- 9:00am~1:00pm

Video Translation Service

* English, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese etc. For other languages, please ask.

- Mon - Fri   9:00am~6:00pm

- Sun   9:00am~5:00pm

※The help desk is not available on days that KIA is closed, including year-end holidays.

◇Telephone Support

 Phone No.:0761-21-2226


 Portuguese Support Line: 090-2831-5870

  ※Vietnamese Support is available on Sunday(Up to 1:00pm)

◇Those interested in Japanese language   lessons,