Name:  Komatsu International Association

Establishment: Founded on November 12, 1993
Location: 80-1 Otsu Kodera Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0806, Japan 
Contact Info: Phone:0761-21-2226, Fax: 0761-21-2432

Citizens, private organizations and the administration get together to promote networking for the people involved in international exchange and their voluntary and expansive interaction.

KIA Policy 2009

The business of KIA has been changing in 15 years to keep pace with changes in the state of world affairs and in Komatsu itself. Foreign residents, especially have faced a very serious situation since the latter half of last year. The number of those who leave Komatsu and/or return to the in own country has increased. In such circumstances, our Japanese teachers have been thinking about what they can do for the people who wish to settle down in Komatsu, and they have been practicing some activities for that purpose. Regarding our continuing activities, we would like to refer to the teachers who often come into contact foreigners and get real feedback from them.

In regard to our activities for the promotion of international understanding, we have presented On-Demand-Delivery Lectures in junior high schools as part of their integrated learning so that they may come into contact with other cultures, learn about global situations by themselves while also learning about Japan. We hope that our kids in the next generation will be people who can think and contribute globally. Therefore, we would like to promote the creation of such opportunities together with you. Considering multi-cultural coexistence of the citizens and the foreigners who want to settle down in Komatsu (they are decreasing now, though), we will practice the activities in which you can participate. We would like to create a salon in this facility for foreigners to drop by whenever they like.

We hope that as many people as possible will become interested in international exchange, and we need your help to advance our activities. All the members' understanding and positive cooperation will be highly appreciated. Last year, we celebrated our 15th anniversary and published a commemorative magazine "Fifteen Years of KIA" We thank all the readers for the good wishes we received. Now we are moving forward in our 16th year.

Basic Policy:

1. Support the building of a multi-ethnic city.
2. Offer international exchange opportunities where citizens and foreigners can enjoy themselves to promote multicultural understanding.
3. Raise our kids who are responsible for the next generation to be true internationalists through our programs.